Friday, June 29, 2012

Madea's Witness Protection Review

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 I did not want to see this movie. I had no interest in seeing it and was not particularly happy when my mom dragged me to see it with my sister. And as i expected i didn't particularly enjoy this movie. Was it bad? Well..its not insultingly bad or anything, it just isn't good. The jokes fall flat most of the time and acting is just amazingly uncaring.

First let me say something. I do not hate Tyler Perry. Honestly I respect the man in a way. He makes successful comedy movies that don't resort to swearing or toilet humor to get laughs...for the most part. That being said..I enjoy things with swearing and toilet humor. I like toilet humor, sure its low brow but I don't care. It makes me laugh. But I respect Tyler Perry for bring able to make successful movies without doing that.  But honestly....i don't really like his movies. They're ok i guess, they're just not my kind of movies.

The only movie hes ever made that i honestly like and think is a pretty good movie was his first, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It was the first movie by him and it was the first Madea movie, and honestly, it's pretty good. It has pretty good morals involving family and love and such and paints a pretty decent picture of an abusive relationship and why people act they way they do. Its a decent movie with some pretty good acting, good writing, and some good laughs.

This movie though..its just not very funny. The jokes are horrible and stale and every performance is so uninspired its just kind of sad. Eugene Levy is usually a pretty funny guy but here..he plays it so over the top its just really annoying. Denise Richards, Danielle Campbell, and Devan Leos, who play Levy's wife, daughter, and son respectfully, are all terrible. They so drab and dull and its like they don't want to be in the movie, but they have nothing better to do. The only person who cares in the movie is, well, Tyler Perry. Hes the only actor in it that actually tries to deliver the lines like a good actor.

Even with Tyler Perry trying his damndest to make some good jokes, its not a very funny movie. There's the odd joke here and there that made me laugh a little, but all of them are limited pretty much to Perry or one of the characters he plays. Every other character has few to no funny jokes. There's a side-plot with Lil Romeo that really could have just been left out of the whole movie and it wouldn't of barely changed anything.

I wouldn't recommend this movie. Its slow, uninspired, and just not funny. The acting is dull and wooden with Perry the only person who appears to be actually trying. The jokes for the most part fall waaaaaay far away from getting laughs and its just not a very good movie. but i'm not really the target audience for the movie i guess, considering outside of Diary of a Mad Black Woman i haven't really cared for any of Perry's films. I think maybe the time has come for him to stop with the MAdea character.

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