Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ted Review

 Family Guy is a...hit and miss show for me. Personally I'm a much bigger fan of South Park in that whole fight, but I do like Family Guy. I think Seth Macfarlane has alot of talent and is a funny man, but Family Guy kinda got really old. Its pretty much become a parody of itself.

Bu Ted...Goddammit.....Ted is great. I don't know what happened to be honest. Like I said Family Guy isn't that funny to me anymore..but Ted..Ted is hilarious. Seth Macfarlane makes joke after joke after joke, every situation piles itself on top of itself and pretty much every joke hits home.

It helps that a like Mark Wahlberg as an actor. I think he's alot better than people give him credit for and I look forward to seeing him in movies. Mila Kunis is also a favorite of mine. I never liked That 70's Show, but her other work, Family Guy included, is good. So, she adds a good performance and Giovanni Ribisi plays a really, really creepy part, but its really funny so it works too.

But the best part about this movie, by far, is Ted. Makes sense right? He's the namesake of the movie and Macfarlane gave him the good jokes. Well, pretty much all the jokes in the movie are good ones, but Ted gets the really, really, really good jokes. Really just the fact that all these filthy, raunchy, adult jokes are coming out of the mouth of an adorable fuzzy teddy bear is a joke itself.

As a kid John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) had no friends, even the bullied Jewish kid makes fun of him. But he gets a teddy bear Christmas, names it Ted, and makes a wish that it comes to life, and it does. Ted becomes a national sensation, but through everything he never forgets John. And flashforward to John at 35 and he's still best friends with Ted, who is a washed up celebrity, with a girlfriend (Mila Kunis). They get into shenanigans and blah blah, and along the way they meet a creepy guy, Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi), who was obsessed with Ted as a child.

Macfarlane pulls all the punches with his film debut. Pretty much every joke hits home and it had me laughing till I couldn't breath more than once. The best part is Macfarlane doesn't stop with one joke in a situation, the jokes keep coming and the situations keep getting more and more insane. It all accumulates to a scene where Ted, John and Flash Gordon (yes the real Flash Gordon from the original TV show) do coke and start doing a ridiculous amount of stupid things.

Eventually shit goes wrong as its known to do and Kunis dumps John. Stuff happens and Ted is kidnapped by the aforementioned creepy Ribisi. The scene where Ted is in Ribisi's house with his piece of shit kid is probably the funniest in the movie (after the whole doing coke with Flash Gordon scene), its joke after joke after joke and its great.

All and all Ted is the funniest movie so far this year. It might be one of the funniest movies I've scene in a long, long time. The jokes are hilarious and never stop. It never gets bogged down with the emotional stuff and every actor does a great job. Macfarlane was at the top of his game with this movie and I hope he does more. Also, extra points to the hilariously random Ryan Reynolds cameo.

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