Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hunter Prey Review

 Hunter Prey was made for less than half a million dollars, with five credited actors, and written and directed by Sandy Collora. And it is awesome.

The only credit to Collora's name worth mentioning is a short film called Batman: Dead End, where Batman fights both Alien and the Predator. Which was made purely to how off his directing skills, which worked rather well.

Hunter Prey was made for virtually nothing in this day and age and yet it never looks that cheap. Filmed with the revolutionary Red One camera the movie has a very polished, professional look to it. The makeup is awesome and realistic and the few effects there are, are actually very well done. The actors embody their roles and do a way better than job than you would expect out of such a low budget independent film.

The plot goes like this: an alien ship crashes on a planet that seems to be uninhabited and is apparently comprised of nothing but desert. The squad starts off with four soldiers, but three are picked off by the escaped prisoner they have to capture, alive. Alive because the aliens planet is in distress of being destroyed and only the prisoner has the knowledge to stop it. Eventually it is down to the prisoner and the last remaining soldier, Centauri 7. The film is essentially one long chase scene with Centauri 7 trying his damndest to catch the prisoner.

The movie is alot better made than you would expect. With great acting, writing and direction the film impressed me. There's a twist about 30 minutes into the movie that blew my mind. Did not see it coming at all. Basically, this movie is very good. Its well made and acted, has a fantastic twist, and although ends rather abruptly, kept me entertained. I'd recommend it, but only to film nerds. The average movie watcher probably won't like it as much as a film nerd would.

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