Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Review


Snow White and the Huntsman is a strange movie for me to review. Mostly because unlike some of my friends who I went to see the movie with, I wasn't really looking forward to it. It didn't look terrible or anything, it just didn't look that appealing to me. I was very wrong. This movie was so much better than I ever would of expected from it.

The film is helmed by Rupert Sanders in his feature film debut and $170 million is alot of money to give to man whose previous credits consist of a handful of commercials. That being said he does a remarkable job with this film, its shot gorgeously and I am looking forward to see more from him. The effects are good, good score, ect., what I'm trying to say is that it is a very well made film.

Kristen Stewart stars as the eponymous Snow White and she does a..decent job. Its really hard for me to say that, but she does. Besides her accent, which slips in and out throughout the whole film, she did ok. The only problem i had was that i didn't really buy the whole; she's supposed to be more beautiful than Charlize Theron bullshit, seriously? Have you seen that woman?

Speaking of Charlize Theron she gives a really weird performance in this movie. Its probably one of the most over the top, scenery chewing performances I've seen in a long time, and yet i liked it. It fit the whole over the top fairy tale nature of the film.

Chris Hemsworth to me was the best performance. Hes shaping up to be one of the best new actors around and I look forward to absolutely everything hes in. He embodies his roles and makes them believable, plays every part very well, a strong new force to be reckoned with I think.

The dwarves have some interesting casting thrown in there. The most notable names that pop up are: Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Nick Frost, and Bob Hoskins. They all do a good job and everything, but here's my beef with that casting. Why aren't any of the dwarves played by actual dwarves? Why not give a great dwarf actor like Peter Dinklage a role playing a dwarf in the big budgeted Snow White? That being said the actors playing the dwarves do a fine job and I enjoyed their performances.

The plot itself is, you know, Snow White. Everyone knows it, beautiful evil witch can only be taken down by beautiful girl, an apple is eaten a kiss is needed, blah blah blah. Its told fine here, there is a part, however, where the queen turns shape-shifts into one of Snow White companions and somehow knows all of their childhood experiences so, there's a plot hole I suppose, but its easy enough to overlook and didn't take away from my over-all enjoyment of the movie.

So all and all I enjoyed the movie, its alot darker than I expected it would be with a particularly sad death in the last third of the movies. Delightfully well made, well directed, written, acted and shot. Over all I supposed i did enjoy this movie and would recommend it.

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